It’s been a tumultuous year. Slow work, hot weather and being busy have kept me from going back to the mountains and searching for gold. But it’s October now and fall is here! Usually late fall and almost all winter are the best seasons for exploring and prospecting the desert and low mountains…and I’m so ready!

Plans are set. Gear is ready. The gold is there. As I think about my next trip, I look forward to just being out in God’s creation, scrambling hillsides and washes, dodging giant centipedes, scorpions and cactus, and maybe even the bear that supposedly hangs around one of our claims. There’s something about being in the mountains-not so far from civilization, but far enough away that the sense of isolation, and immersion in nature just take over. Sights both large and small, the sense of being so tiny with such immense surroundings…it’s peaceful.





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