According to the plans I made last spring, I would have been getting back from Arizona this week. I probably would have more gold and more stories, even some pictures to share. I would have done my usual 5 day trip, maybe even stretched it to six…but instead I took a detour.

I’ve had a few years of just doing what I wanted to do, running a business, insurance adjusting, buying and selling toys to fund bigger and better toys, but it was a grind. In the end I needed something stable, something meaningful. Something more fulfilling. So, you probably guessed it, I got a J-O-B! It’s a good job though! It pays well enough, there is opportunity for advancement, and I get lots of time off! Yes, I’m working harder than I ever have, getting up earlier and staying later, but it’s work I know how to do as if I had been programmed at birth-because I was! We all have innate, God given talents and abilities, and sometimes opportunities come along to put those abilities to use. Now before I get carried away as if I did something, let me place the credit properly. I felt as if all that cool sounding work stuff had played it’s role, and it was finished, but with no opportunity ahead. I prayed for days and literally said ‘I don’t care what it is, You say it and I’ll do it’. Well God listens. I had an answer faster than I ever expected! So now I get to fix stuff. All kinds of stuff. Go ahead, break it and see if I can’t figure out how to put it back together! OK, don’t do that, but you get the idea. It’s more than just fixing stuff of course, but that’s the cool part to me!

Did I mention I get time off? Oh and lots of vacation time? Oh boy! I’ve been good, not taking any days off since starting. But. It’s because. I have. A plan.


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