Yes, I have a blog..sort of

Well, this is that time of year where I suddenly remember I have a blog that I’ve been ignoring. I’ve been so busy with new jobs-yes I’ve changed jobs twice since my last entry, new adventures, and just lots of family related stuff that I haven’t really done that much that seemed worth writing about. Well, I actually HAVE come to think of it. Since my last post I’ve been to Arizona 3 times, the east coast once, and if I sit down and think about it, several more things along the way. 2019 and 2020 were just nuts.

I’ll try to drop in on a more regular basis and put something interesting out there for people to see. Meanwhile I got sick of facebook and dumped it, so you won’t find me there, same for instagram. So it’s all us now. I’ll get back later since it’s off to a job right now…

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