Up and coming for 2021

I figured I might as well shed some light on what I plan to do this year, and if I manage to keep up with the blog I’ll both update those plans, as well as intersperse posts with stuff I’ve done in the last couple years that I haven’t talked about yet. Sounds like a decent plan anyway!

First up for 2021 is a trip to Arizona! The plan this time is to hit Quartzsite for a bit, then depending on how we do finding gold, pull up stakes and head to a mystery location I was given by a displaced Arizonan I ran into here in Texas. If that doesn’t look promising enough, or produce in rather quick fashion (whatever that is), we’ll head back to our old stomping grounds and I plan to talk the guys into a hike up to the black waterfalls area. Honestly I could scrap all those other plans and just hit the black waterfalls. There has been a lot of gold come out of there, and the terrain is so steep and brutal that I know there’s more gold lurking in areas we just haven’t had the ‘gumption’ to get to.

Next up is swim beach gold. I have a killer pedal driven kayak for accessing islands on popular lakes. In the past I’ve done pretty well on jewelry at those, and this year I plan to do a little more searching in those areas. As long as I’m at it, how about the coast? Well, that’s always in the mix but never seems to really get off the ground. Usually that’s due to not having anybody to go with me. Speaking of…

I have no idea what adventures will result from a new acquaintance/friendship I’ve made with a certain metal detectorist/dealer that has recently moved to my area. We’ve been talking about all kinds of stuff, including a goldfield trip, so basically the future is wide open!

Here’s the rest of what 2021 holds for me:

-get into meteorite hunting

-outfit my truck with camping gear/overland gear for adventures

-revisit Pine Knot Crossing


-follow and hopefully locate some lesser known stage stops, the ones where maybe people tended to camp because it was a good area, vs. an actual stop.


-DC trip

-Arizona as many times as financially possible

-family trip-Arizona most likely but the beach or Colorado are always on the list

Yep. That should keep me busy.

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